Sunday, September 6, 2009

Freedom Trail

Bryan and I walked the Freedom Trail yesterday. BUT... we walked it backwards! Such rebels!Bunker Hill

Here we are. Walking the trail.
The USS Constitution

The Old North Church

Sam Adams grave
(We also saw this guy jogging in the park. He was jogging in jeans and a big green sweater. We thought that was an odd choice.)
The Massachusetts State House


  1. How much fun! Boston has so many fun and interesting things to do and see.

    Do you think he was wearing that to sweat more, lose more weight???

  2. MaMaw6.9.09

    Save something for "later" You are really seeing a lot. So much we have seen too and it is fun to remember. The weather looks great. A good time I guess to get out and walk and look?

    Betty Boop

  3. Y'all are so lucky to be in such a great place! On a totally seperate note, maybe the guy in the jeans wasn't "jogging" - maybe he was running - away from something....just a thought...