Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newport News

Bryan and I took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island yesterday! I did a little research and discovered that 'Stuffies' were one of the highly recommended local things to eat there. Sooo... we found Anthony's Seafood (a recommended Stuffie vendor) and bought a few Stuffies and some Clam Chowder for lunch.I really liked the spicy Stuffies (we tried spicy and mild)! For those of you, who were like me, who have never heard of a stuffie, they are Quahog clams (found in abundance in Newport's Narragansett Bay) all chopped up and mixed with herbs, bread crumbs, butter, maybe a few veggies, and sausage then stuffed back into the clam shell and baked.
We took our lunch out to the bay and ate right on the water.
where we saw this:

and then this:
After lunch we walked the famous 'Cliff Walk' that is a mostly paved trail along the cliffs that runs behind several of the Newport Mansions.
Some of the mansions we saw were The Breakers, The Elms, Rosecliff, Marble House, and Chateau Sur-Mer.
On the way to the Cliff Walk we were behind this huge group of people who were really prepared for their day out. (Backpacks, water bottles, sweat shirts, hats, etc)
One woman even had a whole carton of Tropicana Orange Juice. See?
Where the heck did she think she was going?! At no point along the Cliff Walk are you more than a 10 minute walk back to full civilization and/or a grocery store.

There was also a boat show yesterday. There were hundreds of boats anchored in the bay and what a gorgeous day to be on the water!
On our way home we stopped at the Newport Vineyard. We walked around for a few minutes but didn't end up getting any wine there.
Such a fun day out of town!! We still have plenty to explore in & around Boston but when something as great as Newport is only an hour and fifteen minutes away you just have to take advantage!


  1. I think this is where that show "Royal Pains" is supposed to be filmed. Maybe you will see some other stars, too! Or maybe it was the Hamptons...some coastal town where they have WAY too much money.

  2. Maybe OJ lady is diabetic....just a thought.

  3. 1) you are tiny! you look fantastic! 2) how exciting...glad you're getting to see the sights! 3)diabetic or not...that's a LOT of OJ! ;-)

  4. I don't know about you... but I carry around a gallon jug of OJ all the time. You never know when you are going to have an emergenC!

  5. let's just discuss quahogs for a moment...

  6. Visit Quahog, RI and get Peter Griffin's autograph for me!