Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lobster Rolls, The Red Sox, and Beers

Oh My!

It's been quite an eventful few days!

Bryan and I soaked up a little local color earlier this week and picked up a couple of 'lobster rolls' for lunch one day. That sounds pretty good right? Mmmm... Lobster Rolls... I don't know why but I pictured little cheesy rolls with bits of lobster baked in. Instead, it was lumps of mayo-covered lobster on buttery toast. It was pretty tasty... not something I crave to eat often, but I would eat it again if someone visiting wanted to try one!
Bryan headed to The Merleau Ponty Circle's annual meeting to present a paper that he wrote on Thursday and will be out of town until tomorrow so I've been on my own this weekend... On my own but not at all alone! Lauren who I graduated from college with is visiting from Chicago and is staying with another girl, Laura, who we went to school with and now lives and works here in Boston. We have had so much fun the last couple of days!

Last night we went to a Red Sox game at Fenway.
(Laura, Me, Amy, Lauren)

We were super excited to see a game and as you can see, we cheered and cheered for the first three plays we saw:
Then as soon as that third pitch was thrown, the rains came. (And so did a bunch of men in red jackets with a big tarp)
Then we were a little disappointed when three hours later we were still waiting on the rains to stop.
Then they called the game. Postponed until tomorrow at noon. So basically we decided that this was great because we get to go to Fenway twice for the price of one!

Today was great! We went to the Sam Adams Brewery for a free tour (which equaled three free beers and a little beer glass)! It was such fun to hear about how they make beer and to get to taste some of their specialties and limited editions.


  1. That all looks AWESOME! I'm glad to see you guys are taking full advantage of the area, and I can't wait to visit.

  2. all that sounds fun, even if I can't drink beer!

  3. Betty Boop14.9.09

    I hope you learn to make lobster rolls.(for me) I bet it was fun to have your giel friends to visit.

  4. it was so great talking to you today! three things: 1) watch Fever Pitch and let me know your thoughts 2) Play Wisely and KinderMusic are some groups I heard were good 3) I miss you and told Jared the good news about December!!! WOO-HOO! :-)

  5. Betty Boop16.9.09

    We still look at reruns of "Frasire". I knew about the Bar and I bet it was fun to see it.

    Betty Boop