Monday, September 28, 2009

Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

Mmmmm Mmmmm. Can those be the only words I use I use to describe Saturday?
There were 80 food vendors and restaurants there all cooking up & serving up some of their signature dishes. For one flat rate you could eat anything and everything all day long! Look how many people were there!!!Bryan and his mini taco
Laura and her ribs... she's not eating those ribs just to be clear... And my fabulous plate of seared Ahi tuna and Asian vinaigrette salad
These pickles were delicious!
And this guy was really really into the events of the day. He was dancing every time I saw him.


  1. Betty Boop29.9.09

    My My you two find some great places to go. I guess that is a big city for you.'Just mde for a girl and boy" ( as the song goes)


  2. mmm, that almost gets me out of my picky eating habits!

  3. what was the flat rate? how exciting! I wonder if the Taste of Chicago does that too? I love the concept of a fair, but instead of rides-food!