Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses

Ben found this little ditty at one of the thrift stores the other day. We both loved him and we knew one of us had to take him home. After all is said & done, he's in my living room right now.

This picture is hysterical! I don't regret this $1.99 purchase at all! Bryan has a lot of new things to look at when he gets home!

Speaking of getting home, he'll be back today! In a few hours as a matter of fact. Three weeks have come & gone and he'll finally be getting back today! This morning as I was getting ready & watching the Today Show all I hear is "Plane Crashes in Amsterdam---9 people killed... now on to other news..." I had a mini panic for a second then gathered everything & ran out the door to work. As soon as I got there I looked up all of Bryan's flight info from Amsterdam (where they flew out of early this morning) and all of the plane crash info. 1) the flight number did not match Praise the Lord! 2)the plane that crashed was coming into Amsterdam airport and I had already talked to Bryan from the Amsterdam airport so he obviously landed there safely. Whew! He's leaving Detroit right now headed for Home Sweet Home!


  1. that would freak me out, glad he's ok

  2. Anonymous25.2.09

    Praise the Lord is right. I too thought about him this morning. MaMaw