Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm still here!

Happy Sunday!
Bryan is still having a fantastic time in Europe. He's on his way this very minute from Vienna to Rome! I miss him terribly and was sad that we didn't get to spend Valentine's Day together! Lex and I had a date night, though, and worked on wedding invitations! My parent's' took care of me, too. My dad got me a beautiful rose and a necklace and my mom got me some delicious chocolate!
And now for the long awaited 'magical horse'! He was there when we drove by. We thought he was real. Then we thought he was fake. Then we immediately drove back by to check it out and he was gone! So either he walked away and was real or was moved and is fake. We may never know. The only real question is "Are his feet nailed down or does he know to pose on those boards?"
I've been sewing up a storm and will be thrilled to be finished upholstering this chair for my grandma! I know she'll be thrilled to have it back as well! It's so close. So close.

On Monday, there will be a new addition to our family. Her name is Chifrobe. She is a mini wardrobe and I have been searching for her for months. I found her yesterday and didn't get her until I could talk to Bryan about it last night. Her left leg might be a little gimpy but she's in the best shape of any of her kinfolk I've seen and $100 less than half the price of all the others as well. I'm so excited!


  1. Yay for almost having the chair done!

    I really like Mr. Chif-a-robe! With a little TLC, he'll be as good as new.

  2. how much did you pay for your chifferobe? I ask because I have one I'm about to post on craigslist but no idea of the value (it looks identical to yours, minus the spindly legs)

    1. I'm pretty sure I paid between $100 and $125 for it. I got it at a consignment shop and I know it was undervalued because I'd been scoping them out for months so you may be able to ask a little more and then come off the price if someone makes you a good offer!