Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That One

Once I realized I needed that Chifrobe, I also realized that all of my boy friends with big cars are out of the country with Bryan. Sooo... Lindsey, who I work with, has a 4Runner and offered to donate her lunch break on Monday to retrieving our newest piece of furniture!
We moved it all by ourselves without the boys. So Hmf.
Isn't she lovely? The only oddity is that the there was no key and the top mirrored door won't open. I dreamed last night that when I opened the door there was one neatly organized row of colored feathers. (I secretly hope there's treasure in there!)

On the way to get the wardrobe, we saw this guy. What a life. He's got a recliner and a Pepsi and all he has to do is chill. He could probably even take a nap as long as he propped the sign up. 


  1. Maybe Narnia is behind that mirror. Worth a peak...

  2. Anonymous18.2.09

    Get that door open quick I can"t wait to know what you find. You girls are very strong to move it.

    Betty Boop