Monday, February 23, 2009

Foodie Fun

Thanks so much for letting us come visit, Ben! We had an awesome time!Me, Lexie, Ben & Penny LaneThis was the beanie-baby sandwich I ate for lunch on Saturday. It was delish but it was a black-bean extravaganza!Then Ben taught us how to kill a man with a knife. A small, plastic, knife.

Sunday for brunch we went to Margot. It might be the most cravable food I've eaten maybe ever. It was sooo good. We had French Press Coffee, Blood Orange Mimosas...Ham & Cheese Crepes with a creamy mustard sauce...
Buster had corned beef hash, and Kyle had an artisan grilled cheese sandwich...

Ben had a broccolini and goat cheese omelet and Lexie had scrambled eggs and the most amazing grits I've ever put in my mouth. We also got blackberry sorbet with a pecan brittle on top.


We also went thrift store shopping and found some great finds! I'll photograph everything later for you to see.


  1. Anonymous24.2.09

    Nashville is a great place to visit. Sounds like you found the best places to visit. To me that is the best part of travel Eating I mean.

    Betty Boop

  2. hey! i missed the post below asking us to stop by and say hi. so... HIIIII! i love reding your blog, it always makes me smile!

  3. Yess!!! You're so very welcome. I'm thrilled I could show you guys a good time. Come back ANYTIME!

  4. Where you had brunch sounds AMAZING. You are going to have to tell me where that is because my friend Kaycie and I are going up there soon and I would LOVE to go there while we are in Nashville!