Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Finished It!

I worked my little fingers all day long and finished the chair! I only got one minor burn from my hot glue gun. One minor injury during an entire project where there are old rusty staples all over the floor at times and probably some straight pens embedded into the carpet at this very moment is pure victory!
Success! Success! Success!
I always celebrate the victory of finishing a project all the way through to completion. I tend, as Bryan will attest, to get almost to the end of a project and then not follow through for a long time. I either get distracted by a new project, by work, or by just not doing it. I'm not a scattered person at all. I think I just have lots of ideas, or have lots of things that come up that need to be taken care of first. I have a decently short list of things that I would like to complete before we move in the summer. I'm going to try not to start anything new until all of those items are crossed off.
The new chair will be heading home tomorrow evening... And our new Chifrobe will be taking it's place in our house! What a great furniture weekend it has been.


  1. I want to learn to cover a chair!! I keep thinking I'll do that someday.. but i haven't taken a class or anything.. I'd just make it up as I go and that probably wouldn't be good. enjoyed seeing Bryan if only for a little while. Guess you heard we were sick.. :(
    Hang in there.. he'll be home soon!!

  2. nice job, big project. ... looks great! Life's pretty nuts right now, but I'm dreaming of projects, and someday I'll get back in the groove. Actually, we are moving back to WA in July, and have a house waiting for us that's screaming to be decorated. I often find myself decorating in my mind or figuring out what colors we'll paint it- that will be a project! Oh yes, and I totally have a pair of converse, light turquoise- love them!