Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorations and Dumplings!

I got up a little momentum yesterday and decorated for Christmas!!! I love the holidays and I love seeing Christmas decorations for as long as possible!
All the decorations aren't out yet, but I'm pretty excited about the ones that are!
I also learned a new recipe: Dumplings! Thanks for teaching me Jitin.

There was a dumpling bar called 'Rickshaw' in New York and I have been craving it since I left. They were delicious!

Globe Trekker Update: Bryan is off to New Zealand today. He'll be gone for a week presenting a paper. I'm so proud of him! Grad school applications are going well, from what I can tell. Schools getting applications will be: Columbia, Stony Brook, Penn State, Northwestern Univ., Univ. of Chicago, Yale, Boston College, Boston University, Vanderbilt... I think there's one more but I can't remember. All moms take a deep breath, it doesn't look like we'll be heading to London next year.


  1. Anonymous1.12.08

    Globetrotter is right. Godspead for him. Dumplings look so good. I love to decorate too.The first to come out is this ooooold Santa. Betty Boop

  2. So I was looking through this interior design website and through a few clicks I found a website that is selling a lamp almost identical to yours on the porch (but in lime green) for $345. Yes, $345. I chuckled because I knew yours didn't cost near that much.

    If you want to see it, go to and it should be one of the items displays. (It was the first item on the left when I went there.)