Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm dreaming of warmer weather and so is my palette. I want yummy tomato sandwiches, wild blackberries, iced tea, and limoncello!! That last part is in the works. It doesn't look like warm weather is moving into New England too quickly, but that's okay... In 6 weeks, I'll be sipping my delightful lemony concoction whether it's hot out or not!
Two weeks ago I started my first two (8 week long) batches of the season.

Throw the zest of four lemons into a cup and a half of vodka. Label it and put it in a cool dark place. Shake it every day for two weeks!
At the end of two weeks:

Add lemon simple syrup to the strained vodka and toss the zest.

BUT--- I said I started TWO batches!

Mmmmmm... I didn't try this one last year. It's limoncello de crema. Instead of a lemon simple syrup, I added a whole milk simple syrup. This one already tastes like a creamy dream! I can't wait to try it when it's done!!

Here they are in the pantry "mellowing" for six long weeks.

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  1. Sounds delicious--both kinds. Bring it to Gulf Shores. No I guess it would not travel well. You are so creative. MaMaw