Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Acadia Part II: The Food

We may have been camping but we ate like kings!
We stopped at Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland on our way up! Our favorite pie!!

We got a tiny strawberry-rhubarb pie

A raspberry whoopie pie

And a delicious mixed berry pie!

And a little bit further North we stopped at Young's Lobster Pound (the clams were so delicious we ended up stopping for lunch again on our way home the next day!)
Lobster and Clams
Sitting on the deck with a harbor view watching sail boats!

the lobsters in the tank. The guy told me I could pick one up if I wanted... they are not as cute as bunnies... if they had been bunnies I would have picked one up.

A so so good lobster roll. Probably my favorite one I've had!

Here's that dutch oven that I picked up at Brimfield! All seasoned and ready to cook! It was the perfect camping companion!


Voila! Roasted chicken with collard greens and mushrooms!

And I don't know why I've never thought of this before but PB cups instead of chocolate bars were AMAZING on smores!!! 

And of course there was breakfast!
breakfast sausages with home made brioche and home made apricot jam (I made both of those while Bryan was recovering from his wisdom tooth extraction last Tuesday)!


  1. Your Park seems to have everything. The pictures were beautiful. All so unspoiled by "people" I hope it srays thar way. You did indeed eat like kings and queens. Thank yoiu for sharing it all with me, I love you both.
    MaMaw P.S. I tried to send Bryan something on e;mail I must not have his right address. I would not send.

  2. Anonymous5.6.12

    See, this is why I'm not on Pinterest. If I want to feel bad about my domestic failings I can just read your blog. Your camping dinner is more elaborate than homemade I've eating in months.