Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ginger Beer

We get to add one more liquid concoction to our repertoire of homemade fun! Ginger Beer!
Ginger beer is non-alcoholic and if you haven't had it, it is usually a more spicy carbonated form of ginger ale. It's a tasty addition to cocktails and a refreshing drink to sip if you need a little zing. the spice of the ginger is pretty great.

We started two kinds tonight: Jamaican and English. Jamaican isn't naturally carbonated (but it will be after a spin in our twist n' sparkle) and the English version is.

I worked on the Jamaican batch.
First thing's first: a couple pounds of fresh ginger

Peel it. (with a spoon--- it's the easiest way, oddly enough)

Add a little water and give it a three minute spin the the amazing food processor (for which I am thankful at least three times a week! I love that thing!)

Then strain out the liquid and repeat a couple more times.

Lastly, restrain into a pitcher and add some freshly squeezed lime juice (squeezed by Mr. Norwood) and some sugar to taste!

Bryan mixed up the English batch.

His batch is a little more involved because it will ferment and be naturally carbonated.
He combined water, sugar, and finely grated fresh ginger. To this, he'll add more sugar and ginger each day for a week and then we'll add water and bottle it.

We'll compare when they're both done and I'll let you know what we think! If you want the real recipes, just let me know... Or you can pick up the awesome cookbooks they came out of! The Jamaican version here and the English version here!


  1. So it is a joint effort? What a pair you two make. Mixing up some fun, MaMaw

  2. Y'all need to make a Dark and Stormy once it's done! Love those.