Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bryan goes to Brimfield!

For the entirety of our relationship, flea markets were lovingly referred to by my husband as 'his hell.' I don't know how much of that thought changed today but he came (willingly) with me to Brimfield!! I was so excited he wanted to go!

Erin and Gina came too! (Erick and Diana met us as well before heading to NYC.)

My only purchase of the day: a cast iron Dutch oven!!! (who will need lots of love, guidance and patient seasoning) I hope he'll be ready to go camping with us in a couple weeks.

Bryan bought a wooden mallet (for ice crushing).
Gina bought an oil lamp and Erin got a couple of cool old hinge-lidded ball jars and a great treat pedestal! Yay!
It was warm and sunny and we had delicious foods and lemonade and ice cream.

Now for the oddities:
Mutilated Baby Dolls

There was also a strikingly familiar owl cookie jar:

This guy from the flea market.

And this guy from my sweet Mama in my home.
Looking back, I should have gotten the original and set him on the shelf next to his shiny new twin.
Such a fun, shiny, warm, outdoor day!

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  1. Anonymous13.5.12

    I really wish I could have come!