Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gingerbread Time

The party was super fun, and I think quite the look into people's personalities...

 15lbs of flour and Derek & Tiffanie's double oven were the main ingredients shown here
 each kit was prepared with four walls, one roof, one chimney, one tree, and one person

all of the participants brought some kind of specifically assigned candy

 this was Carolyn's workspace... this may also have been building attempt number three in progress
 Bryan's architectural genius at work

Bryan's house and his ginger-self with a red faux hawk. We all made our ginger selves with red hair and freckles.
 Jim's... possibly a gingerbread interpretation of the Waco, TX massacre. There is a white flag of surrender, a wounded ginger man in the yard, land mine M&M's, and a large compound-like fence.
 David's house

Nolan's house which was attacked in an anti-Canadian hate crime... notice the twizzler flames climbing up the side of the house and roof
 the bearded ginger man and his torch
This one is mine. The only one with landscaping... if you don't include Jim's land mines
Elizabeth's suburban home with a three-car graham-cracker garage. I guess she also did some landscaping.

Ben's. I think his was the most clean and well constructed one of the bunch! I'd live here...
And in the end, Carolyn ended up with a sculpture garden.
 Our gingerhood
 Jim's compound really lowered the property values of all the others, I must say. Next year we'll have a strictly enforced gingerhood covenant.

I have a fantastic gingerbread recipe and house templates that I created if you want to make some magic at your house!!

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  1. I love Carolyn's tree and "ball-o-house". Looks like y'all had fun and I bet it still smells like sugar in there!