Monday, August 30, 2010


Happy Birthday, Carolyn!!
For her birthday, we all took to the river for sailing and then to the Liberty Hotel for dinner and drinks!

To be on the river on a sailboat as the sun is setting is an amazing thing. Even though the wind was a little less than what Carolyn had hoped for, we thought it was lovely, and David and Carolyn even let Bryan and me give sailing a try!
After the sun set we walked over to the Alibi, The Liberty Hotel's restaurant and bar for dinner and drinks. It was a really hip place with yummy food. Apparently the hotel used to be a city jail and now it is just themed. The Alibi bar was totally jail themed with celebrity mug shots on the walls and coasters.
One of Carolyn's friends made her a tiny origami elephant for her birthday! How cute!
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy birthday, Carolyn!

  2. That elephant is impressive! That's amazing.