Friday, August 6, 2010

I think the Traditional Gift is Wood

And as Laura so hopefully suggested: Bryan should have carved me an 8ft tall Native American totem pole for our 5th wedding anniversary... I'm not sorry to say "he did not."

We did, however, celebrate with dinner and a movie!
Dinner was delightful ~ we went to Ten Tables and had the four course chef's tasting menu with a wine pairing for each course! And then we were off to see Dinner for Schmucks which was funny and "slightly tragic" according to Bryan.

What a wonderful 5 years it has been! We try to have an adventure every day and more and more I feel we enjoy each other and the time we have together. On the walk home tonight he promised me 70 more married years... I'll hold you to it, Love, and expect each to be more adventurous than the last! You truly are my favorite one.

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  1. Happy 5 years! that's soooo awesome. i hope i get to see ya'll again sometime soon. take care and i'm just going to say it, i read every blog you post!

    congrats! - Sarah Smith