Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We went discovering last weekend.

I saw some people buying and eating these things up and down the street. They came on branches in bunches like muscadines. I just looked them up online and apparently they are called "Longans."
So I asked a lady selling them what they were and she responded in Chinese. After my confused look, she just gave me one to try.

Which I did and immediately regretted. Bryan agreed that it was pretty terrible.

So next we wandered into a Chinese bakery!

We took away a sack full of goodies.

The big pretty stamped one was kind of like a flaky pie crust filled with sweet red bean paste that was very crumbly.
The dumpling was Bryan's favorite. It had some kind of savory onion and herb inside with maybe pork too?
Then the sesame dumpling. It was like a fried cream puff, but instead of cream inside it was a smooth sweet red bean paste that was not crumbly like the first one, but tasted similar.
My favorite was the Don Tot, I think it's called. It was a little egg custard, not lemon- which is what I expected.

We also adventured around the Christian Science plaza and the Boston Public Library where we found a book sale! What a lovely day we had... hopefully there will be a lot more adventuring into some of the other local neighborhoods. Plus there's still a Bean Town Tour somewhere in our future...
For now, though, Bryan is having his own adventures in Los Angeles! Don't work too hard out there, Love! I miss you!


  1. Betty Boop12.8.10

    I like it when you take me on your weekend advenures, Love going along via blog. What is Bryan doing in Los Angles? Somebody left me out of the loop. Don'r like that. Just kidding. MaMaw

  2. Anonymous12.8.10

    They had those fruits everywhere in Southeast Asia. A Thai lady on the train gave me some as a gift, and I had to hide them, because I knew I didn't want one. It sounds pretty nasty.


  3. That looks like an eyeball!

  4. Can I just add that most desserts at a Chinese restaurant are not worth the calories. And "red bean paste" does not sound like anything that should be in a dessert-type food.