Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stuck Indoors Again

So the first half of last week was pouring rain for days in a row and Martha and I literally resorted to spinning in circles around the kitchen island. As I realized I was going to lose our staring contest, I blinked and said, "let's go outside." Martha said, "it's raining." I said, "I guess you better get on your boots and coat and umbrella, then!" and we ran for the door!

We played outside in the pouring rain for a while before realizing how cold we were and retiring to the kitchen for hot chocolate...

Today is a different kind of being stranded. We are indoors today because it is too hot to be outside! (Everyone braved the heat for BTS, though... you'd be crazy to miss it!) But nowhere here has air conditioning which makes lounging indoors this afternoon (in our air conditioned apartment) that much sweeter. I just made a cake and plan to have a big scoop of ice cream right on top!

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