Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mainely Camping

We took to the 'woods' this weekend with our friends for Jim's 30th!
Gina (Jim's lovely fianceé) organized the whole weekend and everything was perfect!
Three or four cars of people drove up Friday and pitched tents near Amanda's family's shack.

Saturday we took turns ocean kayaking, hanging out in hammock city, napping, and trying to hit the pole in the water with a rock. We also walked to the general store in Owls Head, Maine for lunch and then on to the Owls Head Lighthouse.

On our way back from lunch we picked up lobsters from the dock for dinner!

And after yummy dinner we hung out around the fire drinking and smoresing it up while the full moon beamed down on the tides going in and out. Maine is beautiful, and we had the best time with friends this weekend!

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  1. Maine is a beautiful state. I used to want to live there. Maybe in a little"shack" by the water and eat lobster. You two have the most fun. I am all for that. MaMaw