Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Army of Elmos

When Lily's mom sent me this picture from Bakerella:

to see if I could possibly recreate them for Lily's 2nd birthday party, I was a little nervous that they might accidentally turn out like this:

So with gathered supplies and the deepest breath, I tackled the Elmo Cake Pop.

Side note: I forgot how much I used to love Jelly Beans until yesterday! I may have eaten a few of Elmo's noses for lunch.
This is Elmo, pre-fur. 
And after fur! Not too bad eh?

Most of them turned out great! 
And then there was this one. Cuckoo!
Happy Weekend!


  1. You are a genius!!!! Would you like to make a living doing this? You could be a hit. Then you might eat your profit. MaMaw

  2. Pinstrosity is one of my favorite blogs ever. Love seeing the photos where someone tries to make something that turns out awful and it says "nailed it."

  3. Those are cute! I like the picture where the oddball is still hanging out with the group.

  4. Danielle24.9.12

    They turned out amazing and were such a hige hit!!! Thank you so so so much!! Lily loved her elmo pops!!