Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Boston

We've had a good week back in Boston. It's no California, but we love it.

We've spent almost every night this week in good company with friends, and that's always a good reminder about how sweet life can be anywhere. It is what you make it, you know?

It was our turn to host poker this week so that was fun. This was only my second game to join in on, and I felt much better about it after having actually studied the hands before this game. In the end, I lost everything... but Bryan doubled his money so we (as a household) ended up right where we started! At least I broke even last time we played. Maybe next time I'll take home a couple bucks.

Last night our neighbors/ landlords had us over for dinner. We got really lucky when we moved here. We really love our house and house mates and they are generous and kind to us for sure. We ended up having four hours of course after course of delicious Italian food and chatting about their recent trip to Italy and our trip to California.

Very nice indeed.

P.S. We've officially been in Boston for three years yesterday! Time flies!

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  1. Yes time seems to fly for me too. I have lived ar St. C's will be two years in January. Every day and week just flys by. In your case -- you are making the very most of it and you and Bryan always will. I try to do the same.Life can be good any place you find yourself.

    Be happy, MaMaw