Saturday, September 8, 2012


Laura and I made the trip to Brimfield today!
We both had lists and measurements and goals and hopes and dreams etc., etc...
I don't think either of us left unhappy with our day. In fact, Laura says one of her purchases made her life. So if that kind of happiness is what you desire, by all means, join us for our next Brimfield adventure in the spring!
Laura picked up this kitchen cart, and two more sets of shelves that I didn't get photos of...

Owning this lounger was Laura's life-goal. And now she does!

We saw a legitimate strong-man.

And then Laura accidentally met him and told me that the front of his shirt was the same as the back and that she saw his nipples. Awesome.

 I got some fun items today!
A map puzzle. I love the colors!

A milk glass pastel blue cake stand.

Some art deco hound book ends.

And an assortment of plastic animals. I have big plans for these little guys. They'll be seen again soon in a different form.
Happy Saturday!!


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted the Eames lounger! Such a great find.

    Love that milk glass cake stand! I'm starting to look for things like that for our wedding.

    1. Oooohhh.... if only I'd known this morning!!!!!!!

  2. I think I would like Laura!! I love the plastic animals. You are a real "pro" at finding real treasures. MaMaw