Sunday, August 12, 2012

San Francisco: A Walking Day

We arrived late last night and made our way to where we're staying. We quickly dropped our bags and headed back out to Bourbon & Branch, a speakeasy that was recommended to Bryan, for a drink. When we walked out the door there it was 1am West Coast time which I quickly realized was 4am our normal East Coast time... we slept really well, needless to say.

Today we did a lot of walking! So far I've counted aproximately 10 miles!! The weather is crazy too, it's almost cold! I could get used to not sweating!

This morning we got up and walked to St. Mary's Cathedral designed by Luigi Nervi.

Then grabbed some yummy breakfast from La Boulange! If you are in San Francisco anytime ever, you have to try this place!

Coffee in bowls. Weird idea. You had to use two hands to drink it this way and it probably held about three cups of coffee.
Bryan's French Toast & Fruit

My Oatmeal with Flax and Fruit

Moving right along, we had our 'Full House' moment with The Painted Ladies!

You can see St. Mary's Cathedral just above the far left painted lady.
We walked over to the Federal Building designed by another famous architect... I missed this photo opportunity apparently... and then made our way up to Curly Lombard Street.
There were blocks of cars lined up waiting to drive down this street. I'd be pretty nervous to drive this street. We walked down it and turned around to grab a photo. It really is a beautiful street. All of the houses are well kept and the gardens were beautiful!

We had to go back up a hill after having walked down a hill so of course we chose this one... Which we found out at the top from a random tour guide that this is a 31 degree slope and is in fact the steepest drivable road in the Northern Hemisphere. She applauded us for walking up it. Awesome.

Next we grabbed lunch at The Boy's Deli (delicious deli sandwiches) and made our way to the bay to eat. We sat with a view of Alcatraz and even saw a couple seals playing in the water while we ate!

Whew.... and that's only through lunch! Think about how we felt actually doing it!!

After lunch we went West to The Legion of Honor to start our 2 mile hike on The Lands End Trail to the Sutro Bath Ruins and the Cliff House.
Legion of Honor
This is looking across the bay toward Muir Woods where we're going tomorrow!

You can see the bottom half of the Golden Gate Bridge! It was pretty foggy most of the day. 
The Sutro Bath Ruins. This was kind of amazing. This is what it used to look like.

Now for a quick rest and then dinner at Beretta!

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  1. You are stirring up memories for me. We went to San Francisco several times. Altho much you mention we did see--you are able to do so much more than we could. It is an exciteing city--enjoy. Make your own memories as I always say.MaMaw P>S I may have told you about the time Truman hopped off the cablecar to snap pictures of that "crooked" street and the cablecar pulled off without him. He had to run down to catch it, Hard to run down hill.