Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Driving Day in San Fran

We had a fun day outside of the city today!
Bryan picked up our cute car first thing this morning:

 Then we drove to Craftsman and Wolves for breakfast:
A seemingly ordinary muffin...
But NO!--- It's 'The Rebel Within' --- a soft boiled egg baked into a bacon, cheddar, chive muffin!

And then we walked to Tartine for breakfast number two... they were only a couple blocks away from each other and they both looked equally delicious... why am I explaining myself to anyone? We had two breakfasts today, get over it.
A nice fellow asked us what we wanted, and I said 'I'd like some orange juice." He looked at me funny, and Bryan said it was because I accidentally yelled it at him.
In my head I said "I'd really like some of that delicious looking fresh-squeezed OJ" but in reality I apparently yelled "ME WANT ORANGE JUICE!"  I'm so awkward.
This golden fire hydrant was the only one in the entire Mission District that continued to work during the great San Francisco Fire. It was painted gold to give it a hero status and gets a fresh coat every year!
We drove out to Golden Gate Park after breakfast to visit the de Young museum designed by Herzog and de Meuron  and to see the Science Center designed by Renzo Piano.

This 'crack' is an installation by Andy Goldsworthy. His art is really beautiful and worth checking out if you've never heard of him. There was even a documentary that we watched recently about him that was great!

Next we headed North out of the city across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito to grab some lunch.
It was so foggy we couldn't see much of the bridge at all.

And into Muir Woods:
This was the windiest, twistiest, turniest road I've ever been on. I was fine going up but started to feel a little sicky on the way back down.  I was fine as soon as the road straightened out, but geeze louise... 

A big redwood. Did you know redwoods have no natural predators other than wind? I didn't either until today!

After our hike through Muir woods we drove up to the top of Mount Tamalpais.

From this angle we could see San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Sausalito and the Atlantic Ocean (sort of--- there was pretty extensive cloud cover)

The Atlantic and Clouds

After hiking all afternoon we changed clothes in the car and drove out to Berkeley for a nice dinner at Chez Panisse!

Everything we ate was delicious! I think this is a pretty famous culinary destination so we were really happy to get reservations!
After our dinner we drove off into the sunset to our home-for-the-week in Sonoma!
Tomorrow: Wine!!!

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  1. How wonderful!!!The way you tell it is almost like being there. My you did a lot of good planning. I look forward to the "rest of the story". MaMaw