Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Note on The Easter Bunny

For Easter (several months ago) Tiffanie set up the girls' Easter baskets downstairs in the living room and sprinkled flower petals from the door over to the baskets (these were supposed to be indicative of footprints). The girls wake up like normal and wander downstairs like normal and while Adele is experiencing the excitement of bunny-shaped chocolate, Martha is going berserk because of, "the HUGE MESS the Easter Bunny has left her to clean up!!!"
Then and there, through the fits and rages the child swore of the Easter Bunny and declared him unwelcome in her home. She wanted no more gifts from him EVER, and if he must bring something for Adele again next year she specially requested that he leave it at the neighbors house with a note for where Adele might pick up her goodies.

Flash forward to the playground in mid-July, yesterday...
We are drawing with chalk!! Shapes, a long train, a house with people, fruit, a rainbow... And then I get a special request from Martha to draw the Easter Bunny. I do.

"Can you draw his flower footprints?"
"sure" and I do.

"now don't forget to draw me being super afraid."
"how did you look when you were super afraid?" she poses and I draw it.

I immediately send the photos to Tiffanie so she can catalog the date and time that these issues arose. (just in case her therapist needs to know in a few years)

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  1. This made me laugh so much! Bless her little heart!