Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Exactly Does a Heart Attack Feel Like?

Because I think I just had one!

On a more cardiac-friendly note, Bryan and I went to Island Creek Oyster Bar for a dinner date last night.

We hadn't been there yet, and we ate extremely well!
Of course, we also had cocktails:

Mine, above, was made with a rhubarb infused vermouth and Bryan's below was similar to an old fashioned but with added cinnamon.

Everything we ate was delicious, too!

From the raw bar we had several types of raw oysters and halibut ceviche.
We also had fried oyster sliders (my new favorite food!)
We split a lobster roll, fried clam strips, and house made sugar doughnuts with strawberry-rhubarb jelly.

When friends come to visit from now on, we will make sure to bring them here!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Oh my gosh! When I filled up this past week, gas was $3.66 a gallon and was $37 for me to fill up. Now I can't complain seeing how much it is for you guys!