Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Mile Road Race

Bryan, Elizabeth, and I ran a 5 mile road race on Sunday! Nolan took photos for me during the race.

There's Elizabeth at 3 miles!

 And Bryan at 3 miles!

And when I waved to Nolan at 3 miles he claims to not have seen me. He was (as was I) distracted by a grown man frantically screaming for runners to "KEEP TO THE RIGHT" of those orange cones.

Here come Bryan and Elizabeth! About to cross the finish line!

And when I crossed the finish line, Nolan claims to not have seen me...

I swear I ran. I swear! I was a few minutes slower than Bryan and Elizabeth, but I did run and I did finish- photos or not.


  1. Elizabeth5.4.11

    Nolan says he's sorry he didn't see you and he feels terrible. He also says that he will vouch for you before anyone that you did in fact run the race.

  2. I'm impressed even without photos!

  3. pics or it didn't happen

  4. I believe you, baby.