Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rig A Jig Jig

And Away We Go...

We just returned home from an awesome weekend in Newport with our friends! It was so nice to go and stay!
We cooked dinners,
watched the World Cup,
played games,

(Ben & Lucy)
played other kinds of games,
(Nolan & Erick -- a.k.a.: Rinse and Repeat)
(Haythem & Laura-- a.k.a: Shake and Bake)
and went to the beach! (It was rather cold and rainy, though, so we didn't quite get the sun we hoped for)
(Laura and Lucy-- I love these girls!)
Those boys LOVE throwing rocks into the sea!

And in case you forgot how awesome I am, I just want you to see a little something:
When I was sick last week, I laid in bed all day and learned how to make shadow puppets!!! I whipped this little bunny out the other night and Bryan died out laughing because it was so legit!

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