Friday, June 4, 2010


We made it home Wednesday night from Montreal. Montreal was a beautiful city and we had a really good time together up there. Those 'Frenchies,' though... sheesh.
Anyway: Our Trip in Pictures

Day One involved some hiking. We climbed to the top of Mount Royal (pronounced mawn-roy-ahl) which was really just a big hill but it provided a beautiful view of the city and the rivers surrounding the island of Montreal.

We also walked out to St. Joseph's Oratory. It was beautiful inside and had the most amazing wrought iron gates and sculptures!

Day Two we toured the Old Montreal and Montreal Port areas.
Notre Dame/ Her Lady's Church. It was beautiful inside. Everything was so detailed and perfect.

Old Montreal where we had savory crepes for lunch.
After lunch we walked down to the river and climbed the clock tower.
From which we could see one of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic glass domes.
And the '67 Residences which we walked over to once we left the clock tower.
The third day I wandered while Bryan attended lectures (which is the main reason we went to Montreal- for the philosophy conference)
And Wednesday morning Bryan presented his paper. I went to see him give his lecture since I've never seen him present before and was so glad I did! I snuck this picture while he was setting up before anyone came into the room. He did such a good job! I don't know what the heck he was talking about, really, but I know he did a really good job! I do try to understand philosophy, but I just can't. My brain doesn't work that way and he loves me still!
All in all I'd say it was a great trip!

Tune in for updates every day this weekend!
On the agenda:
1) Finish the Newport House tomorrow (post pictures)
2) Brunch and Sailing on Sunday (post pictures)


  1. Anonymous5.6.10

    Thanks for taking us along in pictures. We have been there but it was for the World's Fair a long time ago. We did not get to see what you did. Keep on going. MaMaw

  2. Thanks for the picture of the dome. Frank was psyched about that!