Saturday, June 5, 2010

Newport House

As promised!
I just got home from Newport and we accomplished SO MUCH today! The house looks awesome! There are a couple more tiny things to be done before the real staged photos are taken... you know, the ones with fruit and flowers and drinks on tables and dogs lounging near the sofa... but I got a few shots before I left. It was already dark out so please ignore the flash. I'll repost pics once I get the real ones!

(kitchen to the left, dining to the right)
Living Room:
Master Bedroom:
(the house is directly across the street from The Elms- a famous Newport mansion- so the telescope is to spy into the beautiful gardens, not on the neighbors)

Twin Room:
(Newport plays host to The National Tennis Hall of Fame, hence the tennis rackets.)

Upstairs guest room:

The downstairs guest room and the dining/ kitchen areas were still a little bit under construction so those pictures are soon to come! I'm really happy with how everything is turning out!


  1. Love the house! I hope you get lots of credit for all your good work. We loved the Montreal pics, too, especially the dome :-)

  2. This is GORGEOUS!!! All the colors and little touches are just perfect! I can't wait to see it staged. Did you need to borrow Rahab? She's definitely a dog that likes to lay around...or she can carry stuff if you need her to! Hahahahaha!