Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're a Little Bit Country

and a little bit more rock and roll but this post is about looking a little bit country so we'll stick with that title.

Our garlic was suffering a bit because of all the foliage that recently sprung forth on the trees (as it has just turned to spring here in New England). And since our garlic is one of the only living things Bryan and I are responsible for other than our selves at our house we felt we should do something about the sudden shading. I mean what kind of 'parents' would we be if we'd done nothing?!

We just watched a "King of the Hill" episode where they were using this pole-saw thing to cut branches while they tossed back a cold one. We did the same, of course. It just seems like a pole-saw thing almost requires a beer in order to operate.
Anyway, I was responsible for catching the falling branches so they wouldn't land on our neighbor's car. I was  sure I'd be knocked unconscious, but I wasn't! Hooray!
I am one with nature.

Well, until two minutes later when that very branch violently attacked me, that is. It found it's revenge and bloodied me up a bit. I couldn't find the source of blood at first and was sure it was coming from my ear or forehead when Bryan spied a tiny scrape on my finger!

The End.

In other news the other headboard is finished!

The 'wings' on either side are not attached yet, but you get the idea. We are moving everything down to Newport this weekend and I'll finish the attaching when we get there. I'm so excited to see everything start to come together!


  1. Like Grandpaw--like Grandson, Truman loves his pole saw as much as anything he owns. He recently cut a limb that hung over the Lake edge. Blocking his view. Soooo it had to go. It fell in the lake and you should have seen the rig he created to get it out. Among other things-a rope tided to the limb and around his middle-while he stood behind another tree. What ccould I do but watch in horow. That limb is history. Dot

  2. The only other person I know who owns a pole saw is David. I thought it was the most ridiculous looking tool I ever saw, but apparently they have a purpose :-)