Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We went down to Newport on Saturday so that I could do some work in the house and Bryan and friends could go tour a (dead) philosopher's house. Barkley, I believe it was... But seeing as how the house was a little less finished that we'd expected, it was more like a quick run-through for me and then off to play!

I'm excited to see everything get wrapped up soon. Hopefully I'll be going back in the next week or two to get some final things done!

We all had lunch from Portabello's and it was absolutely delicious. We took it to eat on the harbor near Fort Adams.

We toured The Elm's garden. (Which happens to be the view from the master bedroom of the house I'm working on.) 

We had a beer at the Tennis Hall of Fame, a scoop of ice cream at the Newport Creamery (who's ice cream coincidentally comes from Massachusetts and wasn't great), and walked the cliff walk before returning home. 

(the breakers)

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! I would definitely recommend Newport as a fun vacation spot... Come to think of it, I even know of a house for rent there!

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