Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend was the Brimfield Flea Market in Sturbridge, Mass. Tiffanie, Adele, and I went on Friday to look for some of the remaining pieces of furniture for Newport. It was the most amazing flea market I've ever been to! We were there allllll day and didn't even see a quarter of the stuff there. Mom, please come up the next time they have this flea market! No one else could do the whole thing with me! (It's in July, I think.)
We found an entire car load of awesome things and at the end of the day a carnie helped us tie everything down so we could get it all back to Boston.
See those wheels sticking out? Yea, that's an old railroad cart that we're going to use for the coffee table! I'm STOKED about that find!
We also got some great art school benches for the dining room:
Some side tables for the master bedroom. An awesome danish modern esque chair. And some antlers!
We saw some strange things too of course...

(the tiki chair, not the man)
And then there was this:

At one point in the day I walked back to the car to get Adele's bottle, and when I rounded the corner this fellow was rolling around in the grass. So I crept quietly back behind the car. And I watched. When he got up and stretched I knew I'd spotted a blog-able moment. (as if him rolling around on the ground for a few minutes wasn't already too good) You're welcome.

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