Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was sitting on the sofa eating a freshly baked French Pastry Puff and watching an old movie when I heard what seemed like the loudest clap of thunder I've ever heard! I stopped chewing, threw down my puff, and ran to the window! I was so excited to see pouring rain and lightning! 
Rain is probably my favorite weather... but thunder... oh, thunder. I love thunder and have said several times since we moved to Massachusetts how much I miss it. We just don't get thunder storms very often here. (As in we haven't had one since we moved here in August.)
I retrieved my puff and continued to watch the rain. (puff recipe in the Pioneer Woman cookbook)
In the midst of my excitement, I'd almost forgotten that Bryan was out on an interview... on his bike... he was a little soaked when he got back.
I wrote him a story, though. It went something like this: Bryan and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Bryan had a fever when he woke up and found no prize in his breakfast cereal box. His computer crashed and he lost 5 hours worth of work. He went biking and a rain storm came quickly upon him. He'll probably move to Australia. The End.


  1. Betty Boop25.4.10

    Poor Bryan. As the old "Ellis" saying goes "Betty Bones" The meaning is discribed in the book TRU-B-DO-B-DOOOOO. I can not put my finger on just where in the book the story is but I bet you can find it. Just one of the many fmily stories. Hope Bryan feels bettr soon. MaMaw

  2. excellent story! :)

  3. ohh! I have to laugh and feel bad for him at the same time!
    And I'm never going to talk to you again.. you have Pioneer Woman's cookbook and I don't. I officially will shun you know.