Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

That's right! We started a little vegetable garden today! How exciting! We're making beer and growing our own food... we'll probably be moving out to some kind of hippie compound soon too so don't be surprised.

There's still threat of frost here so we were only able to build the raised flower bed, fill it with dirt, and plant a couple of early season items. We planted garlic, broccoli, and butter leaf lettuce! We'll be able to plant the rest of our veggies mid-May.

We started our day at Home Depot to get the lumber and the soil. (We got all of the green bags for one cent each!!! It wasn't entered into the computer properly and it saved us like $60!! -the cashier checked on it so we weren't trying to pull a sly one or anything) We deduced that Jesus must have wanted us to have a garden!

I dug out a 2 ft by 7 ft space in front of our house:

Bryan built the raised bed frame:

Then we added the top soil and the organic potting material:

We mixed the two, filled it in, and planted our veggies!
How exciting! We've never really tried to grow anything so we may kill everything... and we aren't at all familiar with the growing season in New England... but we asked a few people today and feel confident that we'll get a few edible items!


  1. You both have a lot to learn if you're thinking you will earn your hippie scout badges sometime soon.

    You must compost your own food (which must be bought from either a local farmers market or nearest whole foods.. NO WAL-MART LEFTOVERS)

    Second: NO TOMS
    Real hippies go barefoot.

    That wood better be locally harvested.

    - Nick, hippie expert

  2. Everyone down south is doing it. We planted onions and okra Saturday. Mary Grace and Sophie planted lots of herbs, tomato, squash, cucumber and eggplant.(all in pots) There is a good idea. Good Luck!!!! MaMaw