Saturday, April 17, 2010

P.A's Lounge may be my new favorite place.

Although, some could argue that any place who hosts a free cupcake night and a Johnny Cash tribute show in the same week could easily win hearts and prizes and wars and lots of other things that can be won...

The Johnny Cash tribute show was super cool with eight local bands all covering Johnny's songs. All the proceeds went to books for prisons so even a cause that was near and dear to ole Johnny's heart.

Now on to free cupcakes. They were delicious. They were beautiful. They were delightful. And they were free! We all left in a complete sugar coma.
Nolan and his plain jane with sprinkles
Elizabeth had kind of already eaten hers by the time I asked for a picture

yes, he knows he looks a bit crazy. I told him. But cupcakes can do that to a person

Ahh, and my favorite one of the night. Peanut Butter and Jelly from Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury. It sounds iffy but it was oh so good! We each had at least four cupcakes... that's really too many cupcakes at once.


  1. Cup cakes and ole Johnny-What could be better? Maybe Willie Nelson? Not much to look at be love to hear him sing. MaMaw

  2. I wish I could find a place that gave away free cupcakes! That sounds amazing!

  3. PB and J??? I seriously wish I could try that.

  4. how. did you fit that in your mouth??