Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend, Can't you stay a little longer?

I think our apartment has almost officially become a 5th year architecture school apartment. We took it from some of our friends who graduated last year. We live here now. And some of our friends from Starkville came this weekend to look at it for possibly living here next year! That's good for our property managers--- they may never have to look for a tenant here again.

It did make me start to think about moving, though. I knew we were moving soon, but I've never really considered what that really means. It sounds really fun to go somewhere new, but it makes me really sad to move away. This time is for real. All of our friends aren't coming with us like last time. It's so strange to think about.

Anyway, I've been working on your chair, Nana. Here's how it's coming. I'm hoping to get a little more done on it today. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!


  1. Where ever it is you decide to move, I'm coming to visit. Deal? Deal.

  2. I'm really sad that you guys won't be as close as you are now. But, everyone is changing and moving so rapidly, everyone's going to be gone soon! (But that's a good thing, right? Right. I have to tell myself this on a regular basis.)

  3. Anonymous14.1.09

    Keep me up on places of interest that you are considering. Betty Boop

  4. Hey ! I think the friends that came over, One is beverly right? We offered her a job! i bet she told you, but that's cool! maybe we'll carpool to work.. haha!