Saturday, January 24, 2009

foo de fa fa

Today I made pasta!
Bryan and I have done this a few times before, but we did it like cave people... kneading the pasta by hand, rolling the dough with our own brute strength, stretching the dough over a wooden dowel, and cutting it with a knife into somewhat uniform pieces.
For graduation I received an attachment for my stand mixer that extrudes pasta! All kinds of pasta. Today I went with a nice wide flat pasta.

The most work these attachments leave for me is simply cracking a few eggs.I love watching him do the hard part! (I like this picture because it looks like I have on MC Hammer pants. I don't... in case you were wondering.)And eventually, voila! Absolutely delicious homemade pasta! I don't think there's a better tasting thing in the world.

If you would like to make your own pasta try this recipe: I bet you already have all the ingredients!

2.5 C flour 3 eggs 1Tbsp Veg. Oil 1 tsp salt

sift flour onto counter top into a mountain. crack three eggs into a well that you have made in the center of the flour. add veg oil and then salt. start mixing with your fingers in the center of the dough and eventually work in all of the flour. cover dough ball and let rest for an hour. roll out flat and thin. hang flat thin dough over a dowel or a broom handle or the back of a kitchen chair or something so gravity can help stretch it. Let it stretch for 30 min to an hour. Roll the flat thin piece of stretched dough into one long roll. (think cinnamon roll) and then cut that roll into thin strips. unroll the strips and toss in flour. Let dry for up to two hours. Cook for 2-3 minutes in boiling water!


  1. Anonymous25.1.09

    Mmmmm good We had pasta last night too. Was from a box--not as good as yours. I made alfreado sause with shrimp. All from bottles and frozen shrimp. What c=kind of sauce did you have?

    Betty Boop

  2. "Parlez-vous du fran├žais?"
    "Uhh... no."

    Those Kitchenaids are magical. Everytime I go in Williams-Sonoma, it's the first thing I go too.

    Do you guys do white pasta, or have you tried to make wheat?