Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Weekend, Little World

It's been kind of a big weekend around here. My very first installment of Martha Stewart Living arrived!
There have also been several Mortal Kombat fights and fatalities right in our living room.
I won both times I played! The boys got scared and I didn't play again.

Then we had dinner club. This was the decision-making hands-in before we moved on to pizza.

My mom and I went thrift store shopping yesterday! We had fun and found some things we had to have. I really do need this:
I also found a huge metal frame for my watercolor painting!

We both kind of fought over who was going to get the next couple of things:

Yep, it's a soap dispenser.And this... Oh.... this.... comes with the lamps and a round crushed velvet matching red bedspread too.

All I'm going to say is 'I didn't win.'

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  1. I am oh-so-jealous about your bookcase/tv stand score. It's so cute!