Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter is Coming

Actually it's already here. I don't know if everyone knows this though, because friends and family from the South have taken to sending me photos of themselves sunning outdoors lately.

Beach Week can't come fast enough! Summer come quickly. Maybe I should just go ahead and order a happy lamp. Plenty of people here have them, and this winter might be the one that sends me into a full on need for it.

My new Bean Boots came just in time for the season's first blizzard! They are SO WARM AND COZY! I love these boots!  Bryan got them for me for my birthday- What a perfect gift!

I have gotten to work from home a couple of especially blizzardy days. 

Thus is life in New England.

That's our car next to me. See it? No?

Like a rat in a maze!

And I know we're late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mamaw! It looked like you had a wonderful day!


  1. How nice to hear from you on your blog. Great pictures. You looked as if you were wrapped in a blanket at work on the computer. Can't imagine!! I know you will be glad for Spring to come. Yes I had a wonderful Birthday. Still can't believe I am 88. Just glad to be here. MaMaw

  2. Oh I was happy to see you back here! The blizzard had one good effect.