Sunday, July 27, 2014


Bryan and I traveled to Paris this summer. It was the first time either of us had ever been and it was absolutely amazing!

We had the best time! We walked miles and miles every day, ate delicious cheese, bread and pastries, and drank wine at all hours. The city and all of it's sites are just as lovely as you expect them to be. At every street corner, you only had to look up to see something beautiful. I'm so thankful that we have adventures together!


  1. Oh My, I have been to Paris and it is not even 8:00,AM. It makes me so happy that you and Bryan are making such beautiful memories together. Believe me I check out some sweet ones from my "Memory Bank" every day. I loved your shots of the famous tower. Truman was obsessed with getting good pictures that year we went. Don't ask me what year it was. I remember it was our first trip to Europe and everything was great to us. Be happy, I love you both. MaMaw

  2. Did y'all leave a lock on the bridge?