Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Dead.

Bryan has taken to hunting ducks and because we live in the freezing Northeast, he needs all kinds of gear, you know? Waders are one piece of the gear and Bryan's new favorite game is to leave them around the house in places that make me think someone is passed out. It's startling every time!


  1. You and Mary Grace need to exchange duck recipes. Ryan has been hunting too

  2. How tickled Truman would have been to know Bryan was enjoying hunting, He liked it too. If I had just known Bryan was going to have an interest in hunting, I would have made an effort to keep Truman's guns. His "Sweet Sixteen" was the joy of his life. He saved money as a young boy and ordered it from the Sears catalog , He was very proud of it. It would have been a nice thing for you to remember him by. I let it get away from me without thinking. Sorry. MaMaw