Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horn Pond

We took the 'warm' weather yesterday as a sign to head outside! By warm, I mean upper 30s with no wind. We went to Horn Pond, and it was lovely!

My bread starter is going strong! I made a couple loaves of campagne on Friday morning. I took one to Lily and family (since she helped me feed him, I wanted her to see what came from the starter). She said "This is so delicious! What bakery did it come from?" I think that's a win!
Today I made two loaves of country blonde rye!
I gave my friend, Erin, some of the starter as well, and she's baking away! I can't wait to see what she makes! (Her having a bit of starter also insures that should one of us kill ours all is not lost.)

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  1. What a lovely walk that must have been. One for the memory bank! I had a bread started once. Not as much luck as you are having. Did you read my comment about Truman's "Sweet Sixteen" ? MaMaw