Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Bryan and I had a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year! It was sweet, and we just spent the day together. We made a few things that we wanted to eat and tried a couple new recipes (as in fresh-green-beans-and-no-velveeta-green-bean-casserole). Bryan also pulled out all of the Christmas decorations for me!! I love decorating for Christmas!

In other news... Laura, my friend from Mississippi who lives just down the street from us here, has been battling a mouse the past few days. She really doesn't do well with tiny creatures in her living space, so I've tried to help her plug holes and catch the little bugger the last two nights. We thought that tonight would be round three, but the mouse got himself half caught in a trap we set last night and Bryan went over there this morning and valiantly and chivalrously 'took care' of the little problem.
I got there last night to find an 8 inch tape 'wall' blocking the little guy into a small closet. He started to scale the tape wall like a ninja so I whacked the tape with a coat hanger to get him off of it. He clung to the coat hanger, screamed at the top of his lungs (not unlike this), and then Laura and I screamed at the top of our lungs. It was terrifying. I'm pretty sure if Bryan had come over last night the little issue could have been resolved in the first half hour instead of ending several hours later with Laura and I drinking in her kitchen and the mouse cowering somewhere that we couldn't find him.

We are looking forward to a quick trip home this weekend for Sophie and Paul's wedding! We can't wait to celebrate and see family! It's been too long!

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  1. What a mouse storey----even sound effects!! Are you sure you did not join a creative writing class? You know I am taking one. My stories are kind of quirkey(is that a word)?I can't wait too see you both at such a happy time.