Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We went to the Brighton Music Hall last night to see Dave Bazan play through Pedro the Lion's Control album! It was such a good concert! I've seen him play (when he was still Pedro) at least three our four times and it's always a great show!

Control was my favorite Pedro the Lion album so I was really excited to go see it performed all the way through. They also played some old stuff that I haven't heard in a long time and one or two new songs that they are working on for a new album.

Between a few of the songs he would take a question or two. Someone asked "What's the key to a successful marriage?" and what he said really struck me as true. He said you have to take it seriously and if you leave a back door open for a way out or for a plan-B then it'll never work.


  1. I am with him. I remember something you said early on in your marriage and It impressed me. You said divorce was not an option with you two. Remember saing that? I do, and I loved you for that. MaMaw

  2. YES!!! I'm going to see him here in Nashville next Saturday! Glad to hear it was a good show.