Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

I've had the best birthday weekend!

Bryan took me out to dinner on Friday and we ate delicious oysters (and one oyster that tasted like the aquarium smells--- but mostly delicious oysters)!

Yesterday Bryan and I went to 'World's End,' a park designed and laid out by Fredrick Law Olmstead, the same landscape architect that created Central Park in New York. It was originally designed to be a subdivision but was never completed. There are no houses there but the trails and carriage roads and views are great!

We stopped by a ridiculous (and charming) tiki restaurant that Bryan has been eyeing for kind of a long time. It was weird and we were the youngest people in there by at least 45 years...

Last night we met up with friends for drinks!
Bryan got me an ombre hair do for my birthday! Woo!

And today Ian, Erin, Bryan and I went out to Hwy 1 to eat lunch at Hilltop Steak House... It has always looked amazing and apparently in the 60's it was one of the top restaurants in America. It was crazy and I was definitely not disappointed! They even sang Happy Birthday to me!
Again, we were the youngest people in there by at least 40 years...
Unfortunately this sign is dark... it is a giant (like tallest sign on the whole road)  cactus that says 'Hilltop Steak House'

There were cows out front... Enough said.


  1. I enjoyed the tour of the places you have been and the things you did. Bryan really knows how to plan a birthday celebration. There must be endless places to go and things to do. Loved the hairdo. Are you keeping it? Wedding coming soon. See you then.

  2. Anonymous20.11.12

    Sounds like y'all did an old school birthday. I loved the maraschino cherry on the drink and is that a t-bone or porterhouse. Amy