Saturday, April 7, 2012

Plum Island

We had a little adventure with John, Fiona and Pliny this afternoon. After the pup was turned away from two different beaches, we finally ended up at the Plum Island public beach.
It was beautiful and really made me excited about our upcoming beach week in Alabama!

It was nice and sunny this morning when I was running, but by this afternoon when we left for the north shore it was cloudy and freezing!
John threw something into the water and Pliny went straight in after it. I think he immediately regretted his decision because he was wet and cold for a while and didn't seem to like being either of those things.

Tall rain boots were in order to keep out the sand and wet. I can't handle sand in my shoes, and it was entirely too cold to not wear shoes.

It was Pliny's first trip to the ocean and I think it was a success! He smelled everything, chewed drift wood, ran as fast as his legs could run, and met some other dogs along the way.

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