Monday, April 16, 2012

Marathon Monday!

It's Patriot's Day here in Boston and that means it's also Marathon Monday!
Lily and I walked over to the race route this morning to watch some of the racers come through the finish line. She had so much fun cheering for everyone! She was screaming 'Yay! Yay!!'and waving and clapping. We only watched for about an hour but we saw most of the wheel chair racers come through the finish line. There were already tons of people out on the course cheering, too--- half a million spectators I heard on the news.
Apparently there is record high heat here today so many runners are having some trouble getting through the course. 5,000 runners chose to defer their run until next year because of the heat. 22,000 people are still running though! Great job, everyone! Really inspiring!!

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