Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beach Week

I'm so looking forward to beach week this year (that's no different than any other year, though)!

I would live in a bathing suit on the water's edge if I could.

Anyway, Bryan and I went out to dinner after our movie last night. We tried a new place called JM Curly downtown. We won a gift certificate to this place at the autism benefit we attended last month so we thought this was a perfect time to try it.
It was delicious! We had bacon peanut brittle, pickled deviled eggs, burgers and fries, and a bacon-butterfinger concrete for dessert! Bacon, bacon, bacon!

As we were eating the bacon peanut brittle, I asked Bryan if he thought I could get a box of it all the way to beach week. It's so good, and I know Sophie would give it a try! Any other takers? I'm planning to at least try to get some down to the gulf coast (although I shouldn't be held responsible for how much I ingest between the time I pick it up and the time we arrive in Fort Morgan...)


  1. I am glad you love Beach Week. Some people can not imagine being together with family that long. Another thing to thank Truman for. He loved his family. Your treats for the beach sound interesting. I will be willing to try them. MaMaw

  2. You know I'll try it! Did you tell Bryan about the IHOP I had at Bonefish? Just another genius use for bacon